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  • Personal Independance Payment - GOV.UK

    A new benefit called Personal Independence Payment has replaced Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for disabled people aged 16 to 64. More details are available here
  • Home Library Service

    Do you choose library items for a friend or relative who is housebound because of a health problem or due to their responsibilities as a carer? If you do this, they are eligible for Housebound status which gives them an extended issue date and other…
  • Tax-Free Childcare

    Tax-Free Childcare will be available to up to 1.8 million households to help with the cost of childcare, enabling more parents to go out to work, if they want to, to provide greater security for their families. Here’s the top ten things to know about…
  • Healthy Eating Workshops

    Would you like to take part in our FREE and FUN healthy eating workshop?  Come along to talk about the Eatwell Plate, food labelling and learn lots of fun facts about nutrition. Take home our FREE hand-outs and join in our FREE FRUIT SMOOTHIE making…
  • Universal Credit

    You may be able to claim Universal Credit instead of certain benefits if you’re on a low income or out of work. You don’t need to do anything if you’re already claiming any benefits - you’ll be told when Universal Credit will affect you. For…
  • Shared Parental Leave

    New rules for shared parental leave, applying to couples with babies due or children matched/placed for adoption on or after 5 April 2015, will allow parents to choose whether they want to share the mother’s maternity leave. Please see the attached link:
  • Child Benefit guides

    For all the latest guides on Child Benefits
  • Sign up now for the Start4Life Information Service for Parents

    Sign up now for the Start4Life Information Service for Parents. Throughout your pregnancy and as your baby grows you'll get FREE texts, e-mails and 'how to' videos You'll get trusted NHS information on pregnancy, babies and your own health. You can watch more than 200…
  • Online safety information for parents

    How to keep your children safe while they are online Click on the link for information  
  • Funding for setting up new Childcare business

    There's a new government start up scheme for people wishing to start childcare. Details are at It is not open to people who own an existing childcare business, but ideal for prospective Childminders.
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